[BUYING, SELLING, TRADING] Wolff Promo Trading V1.0

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  2. Once again I have a spooky egg, blizz are nose, vouchers, cooked turkey, ham hacker, turkey slicer, and more! :p
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  3. Are you willing to trade?
  4. Well not really, I have all of the items on your list :p
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  5. Bump: NOTICE: I am not buying promos! You may still buy from me and trade!!! ~Wolffpack58

  6. Bump:Buying Promos, Selling Promos, and Trading Promos!
  7. Interested in any i mentioned? PM me :)
  8. I have a Blizz nose I would trade, PM me with an offer.
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  9. Bump
    Still Buying/Selling/Trading!
  10. I've offered about 3 times and you never got back to me in game, soooo
  11. What promos :)
  12. blizz are nose, vouchers (stable, vault, feast for a king), ham hacker, turkey slicer, full set of independence day armor, dirt destroying ticking tock. That is what I know off the top of my head :p send me a PM if you are interested
  13. how much for a ham hacker and how meany you got?
  14. what 60k things ya got?
  15. Uh that's contradicting. You're not buying promos but there's a list under "buying" and your bumps say "buying/selling/trading"
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  16. I don't have any ATM, I do buy them for 40k-Ish

    I am not selling 60k Items ATM, Sorry...

  17. do you have a 2013 turkey slicer and a spooky egg right now, and how much for them?
  18. would you take trades for them?
  19. I think I sold it, I will look when I get on my Laptop later.
    Sorry, no. I only have the Oregon Buster and I plan of keeping it till I can get more of them ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
  20. In my bump I stated that I wasn't buying promos at the time. I had very low budgets sonic couldn't buy, although I could trade and sell.