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  1. Buying (Forum Message me to negotiate):

    Freedom Blade (do not claim version) x1
    Holiday Candle x51
    Pi Pie x58
    Rudolph (unused) x1
    Rudolph (used) x1

    Flaming Mob Launcher (unused) x1
    Purple People Party Paper x1
    Aikar's Signature x1
    IcecreamCow's Special Eggnog x1
    Promo Instructions x1
    Dragon Poop x1
    ICC Valentine's Day Head x1
    Cake Parkour Event/ICC Birthday Voucher x8
    Impossiball x1
    Maxarian Shoes (unused) x1
    Arena Longbow (unused) x1
    Yellow Krysyyjane Head x1

    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock (Maxarian version) x1

    2015 Birthday Cookie x1
    Rose Bouquet x1

    EMC Treasure Voucher (map version) x1

    Remember to Forum Message me to negotiate prices. I will NOT respond to offers made in this thread for items that I am buying.

    Selling (reply to thread listing wanted items):

    Unused Items:
    Meteor Bow x1 -- 22k
    Avalauncher (2015) x4 -- 90k ea
    Freedom Blade (light) x1 -- 50k

    Feast for a King x3 -- 5k ea

    Vault Voucher x3 -- 9k ea
    Stable Voucher x1 -- 7k

    Soulbound Torch x53 -- 5r ea
    Soulbound Bread x61 -- 5r ea

    Shiny Arrow x3,456 -- 2r ea
    Shiny Flesh x46 -- 1r ea

    Haunted Candy (ender pearl) x2 -- 8r ea
    Haunted Candy (rotten flesh) x4 -- 8r ea
    Haunted Candy (gunpowder) x5 -- 8r ea
    Haunted Candy (bone) x1 -- 8r
    Haunted Candy (spider eye) x1 -- 8r ea

    Used Items (durability):
    Starter Sword (241/250) x1 -- 4k
    Starter Axe (238/250) x1 -- 4k
    Starter Shovel (207/250) x1 -- 4k
    Starter Pickaxe (239/250) x1 -- 4k

    Turkey Slicer (1431/1561) x1 -- 40k
    Cupid's Bow (376/384) x1 -- 18k

    Note: After payment, items will be put in [access] chests on my first residence for you to pick up.

    Additional notice: I am willing to trade items between the buy/sell lists. Please Forum Message me if you wish to do trades.
  2. I've obtained a Blizz Arm and am no longer buying one ^^
    ~Blizz body ritual complete until Aikar programs the actual body-ritual thing >.>
  3. Update: Changed up how to buy and obtain items (under Selling list) for convenience.
  4. Update: 7 Holiday Candles Bought (51 needed left); 1 Vault Voucher added (3 total to sell)
  5. Update: I've lowered nearly all of the prices in the Selling list. This will be the only time I do, as they are now all underpriced.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.