[ BUYING ] SC of logs.

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  1. Hey there, I would like a SC of logs to buy. Im looking at about 3000r but the price can be negotiated. Thanks.
    (I would like birch or oak please :D)
  2. Hey Stew! I am interested in giving you the logs for that 3k. I am in the wild at the moment and I'm on my way back. Once I get back I will tell you on this thread. Once I'm back, my res is 12677 on SMP6.
  3. Once you give me the heads up ill head over :)
  4. is that ok as in your giving me the heads up, or ok as in ok.
  5. ok as in ok
  6. lots of logs and planks at 13131 smp6
  7. Almost ready Kippy?
    Thanks, ill remember that if I need more :)
  8. ya almost