[BUYING] Sandstone!

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  1. Evening ladies and gents,

    Today I am after some sandstone so I can FINALLY finish off my res on SMP2. As some of you may know, this has been a long time coming.

    I am after 3 double chests of sandstone. Obviously willing to pay for them. So let me know how much sandstone for what price either on this thread or by PMing me.

    Thank you for your time. You may now resume your normal daily activites.
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  2. wow, haven't heard from you in a while nurse! hello :3
  3. Haha hello robotic chicken.
  4. I'll check my malls to see if I can find some sandstone lying around to sell to you or donate if I don't have much.
  5. Oh awesome! Thank you so much, Jeanzl ^_^
  6. I miss the free eggs I used to get under your res. :(
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  7. Lol yeah I killed almost all the chickens off. Got a double chest of eggs still though.
  8. I think I may need to up this to 5 DC's of Sandstone now ...
  9. i have a double chest of smooth sandstone on auctions now if that helps
  10. I would love to donate some Sandstone to you at this time. :p I'll be on SMP2 right away.
  11. I have plenty of smooth sandstone so far, more looking for normal sandstone for some wall building.
  12. I have sandstone at /v 405. You can check. Probably only a double chest or two, not the five you need, though people do sell more to me as well.
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  13. Awesome. Thank you, I'll check when I jump on later =]
  14. How much do you still need? I have some lying around, and am always looking for something to go after in the wild.
  15. Have I got the job for you, Chrystian :p
  16. I still need the 5 double chests worth =]
  17. I have a 5 DC auction coming after my sand one ends
  18. I should be able to come on later today to dig up at least a DC or two, and I'll let you know how much I end up getting after I bring it back to town. (They will be at 15500 on Smp7.)