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  1. I am looking to rent a res! I don't know how much this should cost, so PM me in game or on here. Thanks! c:
  2. I'm not sure you really understand how "adding a res works", as buying one requires a max res voucher or gold/diamond supporter, which is either payed for in cash or (generally) 200k+ rupees.
  3. Hmmm... maybe I should change the title. I meant renting a res from a player. Thanks anyways ^.^
  4. Renting a res is highly "unrecommended". There's no way to prevent greifing/stealing...
  5. I understand the various risks involved in renting a res. However, I am taking the highest precautions as to take only my least valuable items. I would be using the res for my farmland.
  6. It's not only a concern for you, but for the owner of the res as well. Most players don't want to take the risk, even if you are completely trustworthy. I think your best chance is to purchase a supportership and claim another residence of your own :)
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  7. Oh, I understand. Thanks c:
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