[ Buying ] Redstone

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  1. I need to buy 2.5 DC of redstone. We can negotiate a price, ignore posts below that's for another order. This is 15 stack blocks
  2. how many blocks is that
  3. This comes out to about 2.9 rupees per piece of dust and its is a pretty fair price!
    One suggestion I have, is that if you cannot find anyone to sell to you in bulk, is to set up a buy chest (185 rupees per stack of dust?) at your res, so that people with less than what you need can still sell to you stack per stack!
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  4. I sell redstone dust and blocks at /v 13131 lots in stock
  5. Bump!
    EDIT I now have all I need :D
  6. You need to restock ;)
  7. Your out of stock again :rolleyes: