[BUYING] Redstone Dust / Redstone Blocks

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  1. Heya everyone!

    I'm in need of few DC's of redstone.

    BUYING >>

    Redstone dust - 2r per unit - 128r per stack - 6,912r per DC.
    Redstone block - 18r per unit - 1152r per stack - 62,200 per DC.

    Thanks :)
  2. I'm sorry, but the current Redstone price is About 17Kr a DC... So your're a bit underpriced...
  3. Well its funny that I was able to get a DC erlier today with 2r each. Of course it depends on who is selling, thanks for the opinion though. I'm trying to buy through this channel though, because it is a true pain indeed to click the shop signs.
  4. And I actually wanted to get a proof on the theory so I looked up the first known shop from top of my head, and yeah my price might be a little underpriced but you are overpricing way off too :p I was able to get an SC with 2r each, after that I got a DC with 8.5k, just saying the market is way lower than 17k