[Buying] Quartz and Sandstone! 4006 SMP2

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  1. For my next building project (new 4005!) I will need quite a lot of quartz and sandstone. If you have any, please sell them at 4006 on SMP2. Prices at the moment are Smooth/Sandstone - 32/90r and Quartz Block - 32/640r. It would be a great help!

    Also, if you sell me a total of 10 stacks I'll give you a screenshot sneak-peak of the new store. :)
  2. Finally! somewhere i can sell my sandstone for a GOOD price, and help an amzing build at the same time :D

    EDIT: First :p
  3. Bump. No sandstone is needed ATM. :)
  4. My god alex...
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  5. D:
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  6. Alex stahp buying up all the quartz. I need them :p
  7. I have 22 stacks of 64 smooth sandstone and 17. It's on smp1, I'll be on Utopia, let me know and I'll go to smp1 .There was no room in chest at 4006.
  8. I'm good for sandstone ATM, but thanks. :)
  9. K, maybe next time. :)
  10. Bump, still buying quartz blocks. :)
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