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  1. I would like to buy a purple Krysyy head so that i can add it to my collection of heads, if anyone is willing to sell me one either pm me or find me in game.
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  2. I just sold 1 for 200k to give you a Price Range
  3. Thanks!
  4. there is a plain purple one mostly for events prizes... you can see one I have at 7592, but they are not the super rare ones
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  5. Where is the wiki team to update the wiki? :p
  6. Contribution Team? :) What needs updating? Let us know, we're always available to help out and update!
  7. Well evidently there are multiple types of purple kryssy heads.
  8. The custom item variant of the Purple Krysyy Head is on the Wiki. The standard version is just her alt account and that head just uses the name of the alt, it is not an EMC custom item and hence is not on the Wiki. Only custom items are entered into the custom items section of the Wiki.

    However, I have added a note to the current Purple Krysyyjane Head page to hopefully clear things up and let people know that there are standard versions too. Thank you for your suggestion.
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