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  2. Bump!
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  3. just wondering what are you offering for a book of colours?
  4. Current prices say 50k-80k, but I really have no clue if that's still accurate.
  5. I paid 100k about 4 months ago for mine so in my opinion they are much, much more.
  6. What are you offering for the full Iday set?
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  7. Then I would pay more :p

    I think they're going for around 180k
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  8. good :)
  9. I think they're going for around 180k

    I'm interested pm so we can discuss price
  10. Still interested in the Everlasting Axestopper? :p it's ok if you're not.
  11. Oh god, I totally forgot about that :( We were in the middle of discussing whether I should buy that or the IDay Armor and I totally forgot to get back to you, because I was focused on hitting my rupee goal lol. I'll pm you though.
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  12. Kat I have used independence day armor set. SP gave it to me for xmas. Hit me up if you want it.
  13. SP? By the way... isn't there another book of colors that is a lot cheaper?
  14. Whats a book of colors?
  15. SP= southpark347 in my brain lol. And SP loves Kat, so I doubt he'd be upset at me for the offer. What Kat wants, Kat gets! <3
  16. I'll try to get a new one first, and if that doesn't work out I'll get back to you.
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  17. Bump!
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  18. Wow I paid 40k for mine around the same time. Guess it depends on the seller.
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  19. The one I have was over 100k which was purchased within the last month or so.

    Also still looking! Especially for the treasure voucher.
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  20. Offer for IDay armor