[Buying] Pots of Gold

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  1. Hello!

    I am currently buying sixteen Pots of Gold (the current promotional item). If anybody would like to sell me one or even all sixteen, reply to this thread with a reasonable price! :)

    Note: I will not be able to get on EMC for the next ~6 days (until Easter at 12pm EMC time), so expect a late payment. Please mail me the item if I have accepted the offer. I will pay the original price, plus the mailing fee.
  2. bumpé
  3. I will sell you one pot of gold for 15k.
  4. Okay. Mail it to me whenever and I'll be sure to pay you 15,050r when I get it. Please note that I will not be able to get on Empire Minecraft (or play Minecraft) until next Sunday. :) Because of the delay, I will pay you an extra 5k if you'd like me to! :D
  5. just sent it
  6. What price would you take for a pot of gold? Just wondering
  7. 10k-15k
  8. Ok, thx. I'll think about it. Get back to you later?