[Buying] Potions

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  1. Hey guys,
    These are the potions I'm currently looking to purchase.

    Potion of healing (Instant health II) (Splash) I'm looking for 8 DC's

    The minimum quantity I will buy is 1 DC Please state a quantity and a price in the comments below or PM me on the site. Thankyou
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  2. Hmm... This looks strangely familiar... ;-; NUB!
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  3. I can't see why... Also, as a side note, I'll pay more than this nub. ^^
  4. You know... there are automated brewing stands available, one massively cool design is by tango-tek. Select ingredients; flip switch and off you go. I hate rebuilding it, I stopped doing it, but for a nice price I might be persuaded to place this on a residence of your choice ;)
  5. Got my speed potions. Just looking for Instant Health. :)
    I'll definitely consider it. Would be a lot easier than buying them. ;)
  6. I can possibly fill one or two of these orders.
  7. I'm currently looking for just instant health. If you can supply, please let me know. :)
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  8. I am not currently able to access Minecraft right now, but as soon as I get online, I will check to see if I have enough.
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  9. PenguinDJ, I can provide slash potions of instant healing II for 27r each in any quantity (within reason).

    I could have 8dc's ready tomorrow for a total price of 11664r.
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  10. Sounds good. I'll pay now. Let me know when they're ready for pickup. :)
  11. Your 8DCs of potions are available for pickup in the auction area of /v 5555
  12. In the future, I have tango-teks design though its modded for mass production. If you would like come check it out and I may be able to supply a flag or two :-P

    Currently I have a build that is kind of in front of it that I need to take down. Its behind that building at /v +gauction on smp7