[Buying] Potions

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  1. Hey guys,
    These are the potions I'm currently looking to purchase.

    Potion of swiftness (Speed II) I'm looking for 4 DC's
    Potion of healing (Instant health II) I'm looking for 7 DC's

    The minimum quantity I will buy is 9 potions :) Please state a quantity and a price in the comments below or PM me on the site. Thankyou
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  2. I believe I can fill this order. I know I have (Or can get) 4 DC's of Speed II, but I am not sure about the Instant Health II. When I am online later, I will see how much I have.
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  3. You know... there are automated brewing stands available, one massively cool design is by tango-tek. Select ingredients; flip switch and off you go. I hate rebuilding it, I stopped doing it, but for a nice price I might be persuaded to place this on a residence of your choice ;)
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  4. Pretty sure i can do you at least 1 DC if not 2 :)
  5. That would be greatly appreciated :)
  6. I can help fill this as well. Potion ingredients I have plenty of
  7. Thankyou chris :) I'll be on tomorrow afternoon.
  8. ive got a dc or 2 of heal potions ill check and see what i got
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  9. and do you want regular potions or splash potions?
  10. Instant Health II, splash please :)
  11. I can do one double chest of instant health II