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  1. I am currently paying 13,500 for Pot of golds on smp9 at /v 18931. It seems there is a problem with buying/selling used pots of gold through chest shops so if you wish to sell me on used just /msg me in-game or PM me on the forums (Note I will still be paying 13,500 for used pot of golds).
  2. How does one know if it's used? Isn't it the same as the Halloween masks?
  3. Well when it is used it is given a "Can't be used in 24 hours" message and it is different from the Halloween mask by each Pot of gold giving out a different amount of gold (Basically if it were used and you wanted to sell it through a chest shop, I believe they would both have had to dispensed the same amount of gold that day).
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  4. Oh ok thanks :)
  5. I've also noticed that if the Pot of Gold (as well as the Halloween promos) are stackable if you've never right clicked them to claim the dispensed items
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  6. I just now noticed that with the pot of golds but never noticed/saw that with the Halloween masks (Probably because I wasn't that involved with promos back then). Edit: I'm testing around with some different colors so sorry if they are an eyesore. :p
  7. I am now paying 13,500 for Pot of Golds (Used and Unused) and have a special limited time deal where if you are selling two or more at once, I will pay 14,000 each! :)
  8. Sorry to update so much but I am now buying them Pots of gold for:
    • 14,000 unused (14,500 each if you're selling in quantities of two or more)
    • 13,000 used (13,500 each if you're selling in quantities of two or more)
    *Please note that if you are selling a used Pot of Gold, it will have to be done manually.