[BUYING] Player Heads!

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  1. Heyo! I am interested in buying any player heads you might have. Before I delve further I would like to say that I am NOT looking for staff heads OR mob heads. Anyway, I am buying player heads for 150r a piece. If you have any at all, please let me know. A screenshot of what it looks like or even the name would help, as to avoid me getting doubles.

    If you have, say, a DC of heads, I will buy the whole thing (as long as I don't have an amount of them) for a price of 9,000r per DC.

    Thank you for your time. Donations for the head display are also accepted, the aforementioned display being on 11208 or /v EvKem on smp5. Have a nice day!
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  2. Bump bump. I might be flexible to 200r each, if necessary.
  3. I have a head, don't remember name, killed in either frontier or wastelands
    Somebody PickleLover
  4. Sounds unfamiliar, which is good! I might be able to get on tomorrow, but chances are I may have to get back to you Saturday. I'll PM you or contact you in game. Thank you!
  5. Dumpa Bump! Getting a hold of SKM, happy to do business :D
  6. Alright, next monday, ok?
  7. Gotcha. Whatever time works.