[Buying] Pistons, Stone, Redstone

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  1. I need 5 stacks of sticky pistons, 12 stacks of stone, 5 stacks of redstone, 3 stacks of redstone repeaters, and 10 stacks of glass.

    To whomever can supply this. Thanks. :)
  2. I can supply you the redstone, how much will you pay?
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  3. How are you willing to sell it for? :D
  4. Would you like 5 stacks if slime?
  5. Up to you, I'm not very good or confident with
    picking starting prices.
  6. No, I have a chest full of slime. I just can't find pistons!!

    Edit: Madison, I'll do 75r a stack, that is really good, as far as I know.:)
  7. Ok, i can sell you pistons. Let me get the materails ready and made. Ill tell you when i am ready.
  8. Yay, I love you Equinox. :D
    Edit: Err.. Just checked my chest, my friend must have already taken all the slime..
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  9. Redstone is usally worh 1 B 2
  10. 375r it is then! Come pick it up tomorrow, 5PM Western Australia
    Time, there will be a chest for you at res 13500 with the redstone inside.
    Its on smp6, and if you have time, stop by at my Candy Land too (13069).

    Thanks ;)
  11. Ahh, Australian? That will be like.. 4 am for me. :eek:
    Plus, I need it now. Can I stop by and get it in about 5 minutes?
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  12. So ill do sticky pistons then :) or maybe just the pistons because i dont have a slime spawmer, yet ;)
  13. I have one! My buddy lets me use his because it is so amazing.
    It is 147x147x4. :D
    Has 'bout 10 chunks or so in it.
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  14. Sorry I'm not on right now ;(
    I can only do that one time...
    Sorry .
  15. Can I use it :p
  16. Probably not. :(
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  17. I have several stacks of sticky pistons at 13130 smp6 - redstone and much more
  18. I was kidding:p
    Also you might want to get your stuff from silken thread because i might take a long time xD
  19. 90 a piston. :/
    I did get my glass though, that was cheap. :)

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  20. I will try to sell it cheaper.