[BUYING] Pine, birch and jungle logs.

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  1. Buying:
    4 Double chest's of pine logs !
    4 Double chest's of birch logs !
    4 Double chest's of Jungle logs !

    85r per stack.
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  2. I know Dwight is chopping away!
    he has a wood farm and he always chops lol i know because he liked your post :p
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  3. lol do you know his res #?
  4. Yes, dwight and I are working on it.
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  5. Not sure As Murrgetter
  6. Thanks guys :)
  7. Smp5 10181
  8. Haha thespy. Np i was goin start tonight but I haven't sleep in my own bed since last Sunday so most of today been a hibernating bear :) I start chopping tomorrow when get from dropping off someone from the airport.
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  9. Ok Thanks, ya if i could have that like a.s.a.p that would be amazing !
  10. got all of these at 14869 on smp7
  11. i m collecting some :D
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  12. I would like to add that I will be helping kells18 host a wood competition , first person to fill a single chest of logs will win a prize and also get paid well per log
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  13. I have a lot of trees on my res. If you would like I'll give you perms to cut them down. I have all but jungle.
  14. will they have to chop the logs in at a specific time like meet in the wild have everyone clear there inventory except for axes and swords and go gather the wood as fast as they can, or something else?
  15. if you cut them then sell them to 729 you will make a fortune..
  16. all the rules will be explained
  17. ok thanks