[BUYING] Permanent Direlect Voucher

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  1. Who wants to get rich? :D

    Hello all, as some of you may know, I am currently working on a 24 res event build for EMC to enjoy. However something this big and awesome should not be threatened by other players res claiming if ever I were to stop playing. I intend to make a great monthly event that will thrill players each and every time and to do so I am buying SIX! Permanent Direlect Vouchers. I currently have 2 of the 6 and I'm looking to buy my 3rd one soon. At the moment I have 1.6 mil and I am continuing to make more for buying the voucher. As of now, the cheapest offer was 2 mil. My intentions are to always buy from the cheapest seller to obtain all 6 as soon as possible. Once I have saved enough to buy another I will repeat the process till all 6 have been obtained. So please, if anyone is interested in assisting me make a great build for all of EMC players to enjoy till the end of EMC, please pm me or send me offers here of your best, cheapest offer of selling me 1 permanent direlect voucher. A time frame and pickup location will be discussed upon the cheapest seller.

    To see more information on the 24 res event build, feel free to click the links on my signature below ^.^

    P.S. Please do not mention the voting and signing on aspects of going direlect. I am aware of these methods, I am striving to make a legendary build that will never be force claimed that way other players can take on host privileges during the event that I must stop playing.
  2. Permanent Derelict Voucher*
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  3. Of course autocorrect is out to get me again. When someone has the chance, could they please change Permabet to permanent derelict in the title ^.^
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  4. Caught that after I pressed send, created this on my phone which makes it difficult with the small screen and autocorrect
  5. ;) I gotcha mai friend. :D
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  6. Derelict*
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  7. *update* cheapest seller is set at 1.65 mil. If anyone can offer me lower, I will buy there's first. Remember, I still have to buy 4 vouchers by the end of the summer so next cheapest offer can still be an active deal once the cheapest is over

  8. Bump new update,

    lowest seller now at 1.5 mil. anyone else kind enough to contribute to a huge project and sell cheaper? in the case that none else sends an offer by 9 pm emc time tonight, i will buy the voucher from the person selling at 1.5 mil.
  9. Bump ^.^
  10. BUMP

    cheapest seller still set at 1.5 mil. That player has asked that i give him till the 13th to seal the deal. Anyone else interested in helping me save ruppes may still pitch me an offer cheaper than 1.5 if interested ^.^ If none others, i will close this thread on the 13th and start up a reverse auction when i have saved enough for the next one