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  1. Hello everyone I'm here today to tell everyone that I'm buying villagars and/or villagar breeding centers

    By the way I'm from smp4

    You name the price for the breeding center and if I agree you can build it for me

    Make sure to make a pic of the center on single player and post it---must have at leanest 48 doors

    I'm buying villagars for 19r at the most
  2. The title suggests you are engaging in the slave trade. ಠ_ಠ
  3. No lol just people stands for villagers
  4. Than your engaging in Villager-trafficking.
    Did you know that over 100% of trafficked villagers will die at some point in their lives for some reason?
  5. jrm531 sells villagers like 19r/ea, just do /v jrm531-2 on smp2
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  6. i saw that title and was like @_@ people?!?!!?
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  7. I know right I hate that
  8. Lol