[Buying] Original Dragon Egg!

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  1. Hi ppl of EMC hope your all well.

    I am looking to buy an original Dragon Egg with Crystal, why do I want this. Well it seams that most of these eggs are belonged to ppl on smp1 and maybe one or two other servers. I do know that no one on smp6 has one and I would like our server to have one.

    So it can be viewed and admired by the players of smp6 and visitors.

    Now I know these these will not be cheap, the last one I seen auctioned by Leowaste some time ago went for 2mill rupees and yes there are some ppl with that amount of rupees. But also back then there was a lot more ppl playing regularly and so I guess if one went up for auction now it would probably not reach that much or maybe just about.

    Anyway I digress, if anyone out there has one or knows of someone that has one and would be willing to part with them then pls send me a pm with an amount you would be willing to sell it to me for.

    One other thing I will say if you have one and are wanting a ridiculous amount for it, like several millions then best not send me a pm, as I would take it that you don't really want to sell it.

    I can perfectly understand if you don't want to sell these as they are so rare, but if the likely hood is that you not do anything with this then why not let smp6 buy it so it can be displayed and enjoyed by many.
  2. Yeah! Smp6 forever!
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  3. Also note there are only 7 that were given back out. and no other can EVER be obtained.
  4. It's not entirely true that everyone is an smp1/spm2 owner, in fact most players are just diamond, or owned one back when they were cheaper. I bought mine for 112k last year, and I guarantee that now that they have a use, two million would not be an unexpected price.
  5. and 2 crystals are on smp2
  6. krysyy owns 2
    Faith owns one
    brettskii owns one (now belongs to AC)
    jacko owns one
    *2 other people that Im not sure of own one too)