[BUYING] Orebusters (GSA 2.0)

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  1. As I am getting closer and closer to reaching the goal for my "Empire Good Samaritan Award" it is time to pick out the prizes. Last years award was purely of rupee prizes (accept for a few items I threw in the grand prize at the last minute) but I wanted to have some sort of item for one of the prizes. I tried to get an original mob arena sword for the grand prize but my offer was turned down. I then tried looking for a valentines day rose for the prize but they were just too rare. I wanted some item that was worth around 30k for a part one (voting for the nicest person per server and then I select a winner from my own findings) or worth 300k for a grand prize (something like the mob arena or a dragon egg). So, I am buying ore busters for 40000r or more (name your price) . Currently need to buy three.
  2. Good luck finding some for such a generous cause =)
  3. I can sell you one tomorrow, please keep a spot over for my nice ore buster. :p
  4. of course i will.
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  5. Bumped up to 40000
  6. darn :p just sold 4 of mine the other day at 32k each :(
  7. Olaf, get yourself some more rupees, I can't sell them :p (Shop owner doesnt have enough rupees!)
  8. haha, i bought 6 of them today which costed me a lot of rupees (exactly 250k). I will get more tomorrow and then you can take more of my money.
  9. Bump again. I have the right since i posted this thread. I am needing ore busters yet again. Please do not be greedy but name your price. I will not pay more than 60k but i am willing to pay up to that.
  10. I am greedy... 59999r? :p
  11. Isnt Haro buying them for 50k?
  12. yes.
    that will work. i will let you know later today.
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  13. Not anymore, sell to Olaf :)
  14. I am acctually not buying them anymore. I thought you would know that since i sold them all to you, lol.

    I traded the orebusters for 2012 Empire Fireworks. Orebusters are now just too expensive so I went for something a little cheaper. I currently have all the fireworks i need :).
  15. lmao
  16. Me donating 10k to the samaritarian contest, again. But I will pay you as soon I get online :D.
  17. I am good on money, for now. I do not really like accepting too much. I have already received 200k in donations (budget of approximately 700000r-800000r). I am getting money fast so it is okay, i cannot accept.
  18. Ok, I will se if I can get something for you in that case :D.
  19. No donations at all, please. I really want to earn the rest myself.
  20. Ok…I will se what I can sell you :D.