[Buying] Ore Busters

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  1. I'm interested in buying a couple Ore Busters. I bought them for about 10,000 a couple months ago. They might of have gone up in value since then, not sure. So if you're selling one just let me know what the price is.

  2. ill sell you one its been used only 9 times... if you dont want it thats ok...
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  3. No, I'll buy that. Only nine times is fine. Is 10k a fair price?
  4. umm i was thinking more of 15k they are worth more than they used to be because people have used them
  5. It loses value once it's been used... 10k is a great deal in my eyes
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  6. 15k for unused, 10k slightly used, and a constant descent after that for how much more it has been used ~FDNY21
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  7. If its only been used 9 times, that is not even close to 1/3 of the value that should be subtracted, especially if they just for practical use. 15k would still seem reasonable to me.
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  8. 12k tops for a used, practical use isnt that practical for the rising price of ore busters now anyways ~FDNY21
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  9. It loses collector value.
    Most orebuster owners don't use them, for the obvious reason that the ones that do use them don't tend to have them very long, meaning a lot of the value is in its being "collector perfect"
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  10. Precisely. 15k is around average for new, much less used.
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  11. Thank you for all the information everyone! It's greatly appreciated.

    In light of the recent posts: 12k?
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