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  1. Hi, I have been playing empire for a while now and it bugs me that I have to go to a /v +shop or something like that to get what I need, sometimes they don't even have the item I need. My suggestion is that we have a pocket shop. In this pocket shop you can buy stuff on the spot from the server or other players. Thank you for you're time.
  2. /shop (crazy expensive, wouldnt recommend), /v +mall or /smp and try on other servers
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  3. Who said it would be expensive? :)
  4. im talking about the actual shop with /shop
  5. I dont like this idea for what it is. The ramifications of what this would do to the economies of smaller shops is not good in my hypothesis . The idea of buying items at /shop prices on the spot or in the wild does appeal to me. It could serve as a decent rupee sink. Regardless this idea seems like it could take a lot of code. I hope this clarifies what I meant in game.
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  6. I meant that players could also sell stuff :)
  7. This sounds like the Bizarre Bazaar SMP7 had, sort of.

    You want a place where several people sell specified items/blocks on a single residence or at least a place where one guy (used to be Todd_Vinton) has it all in a single mall?

    Honestly, I don't see this becoming a thing yet. I say yet because Aikar is working on a shop overhaul of sorts and what you are suggesting might be in it. He hasn't released a detailed plan yet.
  8. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a physical shop then. If you really want to save every last second of time, /shop is the most convenient it gets although wildly priced. If you are a normal shopper, it's worth finding a few malls on your server that you like and memorizing what sorts of items are good to buy at which one so when you need something you know where to get it quickly. You can also sell back to most malls, which you can't do at /shop.

    Many people that make malls, however, have trouble keeping them running. Either they aren't motivated by the amount of money they're making (which is honestly pretty small), they get bored of running it, they're unprepared for the work it takes to stock, or by some other means simply don't maintain it. This leaves a lack of even a single good mall on every server.
  9. I suggest utilizing the player driven /v +directory for searching out non defunct shops.

    I do however think your concern expresses a previous point I've made which is a need for a staff EMC "Economy Treasurer" if you will. One task this team member would have is to regularly search and remove any defunct shops using the +shop or +mall tag. Seeing as this is an EMC recommended tag system, it should be monitored and policed more efficiently to avoid complications such as yours.

    One thought I've also had is that players wishing for a +shop or +mall tag are to formally apply (same process as outpost application) at which time the noted team member can review and assign the tag as seen fit. Another possibility is that upon attempting to add the +shop or mall tag, an inventory menu pops up which asks "Do you wish to apply to Staff for this tag". This would also allow an official directory to be established, and published for visibility to members such as yourself.