[BUYING] Obsidian- smp8- 17084

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  1. On smp8, residence 17084, Schlaf82 and I are looking to buy several dc's of obsidian.

    Being as difficult to get as obsidian is, we are NOT buying a dc at a time using a sell shop, but rather by the stack and single block.
    We will buy the obsidian at 3r a piece, and 192r a stack.

    If you are able to sell an entire dc, please pm Schlaf82 to work out a deal to sell it to him.

  2. I've never seen Obsidian go for less than 8r.
    But ey, good luck :D
  3. We dont ask for buying,
    we ask for HELP.

    Hopefully some1 will help us and feels that is worth something=)
  4. Sorry, didn't quite find that in your thread =p
  5. I suppose if you wanted a better price for your obsidian you could pm Schlaf82 or I if and only if you have more than a few stacks to sell. I understand a dc is hard to get quickly.
    The chest would be for those who would like to stop buy and earn a quick rupee while helping us out at the same time.
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  6. I have a DC full at 13131 10r each
  7. I have already bought more than a DC from you=)
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