[BUYING] Not So Spooky Egg for 50k!

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  1. Hey, all. I am buying one Not So Spooky Egg for 50,000 rupees! Please let me know on this thread or ingame if you have one and are willing to sell. :) Thanks! :D
  2. How does one acquire a "Not So Spooky Egg" ?
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  3. I have no idea, but I saw a quote by Aikar. :p
  4. Aikar...How could you do this to me...
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  5. i have one!
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  6. I'll buy it for 50k! :D

    They no longer can be converted to Not So Spooky ones, though! :p
  7. Bump. Come on, guys, I need this. The Spooky Eggs scare me too much! :eek:
  8. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/buying-not-so-spooky-egg.44580/

    Not sure if you read the thread above but in it Aikar states that there's nothing special about the Not So Spooky Egg, besides the fact that it doesn't stack, I could pretty much do the same thing with a regular egg in an anvil, (Not saying I would but this greatly decreases it's value) just a heads up! :)
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  9. Yes, I saw this, but thank you for mentioning it. :)
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  10. My pleasure :)
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