BUYING: Music Discs and Lots of Gold

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  1. I've been looking for a really long time trying to find music discs. Anybody selling them at a decent price?

    I'm also buying cheap gold blocks. I'm on a tight budget so try to work out a deal with me.
  2. No one? D:
  3. I think I have a few discs. I auctioned an entire large chest 6 months ago :p
  4. Prices?
    I wasn't here 6 months ago. On the forums anyways.
  5. i sell 12r gold ingot @ 1004 smp1
  6. Just saying, I've seen cheaper. I might buy from you though.
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  7. Hmmmmm ill pm u soon. On my phone now...
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  8. I have a lot of music disk. more than a double chest. random though.
  9. That's ok, I'm just looking for some. PM me prices?
  10. I sell complete sets of music discs (not 11) for 1k spm8 16612
  11. I have far,ward,13, and one other for 100r apice.
  12. Sorry guys, but I've already bought them from VividOpitism.