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  1. Yes, I'm on to the stage of buying horribly expensive items to prepare for my museum. :p Today I'm looking for an IcecreamCow's Special Eggnog!
    You name your price. :) Thanks to all who helped me earn enough money to get to this point!

    EDIT: You can get a ton of money from this, people! Over 200k for one of these! :D

    I am now also buying iday chests of the following type (these must be unspawned!):
    1 I-Day Helmet Chest
    1 I-Day Chestplate Chest
    1 I-Day Pants Chest
    1 I-Day Boots Chest
    I'm looking to pay around 31k for each one, which is quite a good price. :)
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  2. Bump! I am now also buying i-day chests. :) Please make an offer on the eggnog! I desperately need this. :)
  3. Bump! Will buy i-day chests for 30k each! :D Please, I really need these, guys!
  4. Shouldn't chests be worth more? Since they have 2 promos
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  5. Not really. Shop prices are overpriced and people tend not to sell singular promos at times like this for more than 10k, so yes, 30k for a chest is a perfectly good price. :)
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  6. Bump! Sell me these, plox! :D
  7. This is not a bump, it is an update. Now buying for 31k. There are two promos in each chest. This means that you could take this deal, rebuy the two promos from /shop, and have 1k left over. So it's basically free money. :)
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  8. Bump! This is good money!
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  9. Yo hash I know some peeps with unspawned I-day stuff I'll look around for some eggnog for u too

    If the peeps are willing to sell ill direct them to the thread
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  10. Thank you! :) That's very kind of you.
  11. I've got one of each chest, I'll sell em all.

    Pay me and I'll send through mail ;)
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  12. I'll pay you when I get on in a few hours, thank you so much! :D Also, when you say one of each, you mean one of each armor piece, correct? I don't need the sword. :) Thanks again! :D
  13. Yessir, each piece of armor, no sword :p
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  14. Paid. I included the mailing fee. :)
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  15. Hash my screen shots won't work ill do f2 and it will say saved but it won't show up in my screenshot folder under .mineceaft
  16. Do control + print screen, and then paste the picture into Paint. You should then be able to save it.