[Buying] Mossy Stone Brick (not Mossy Cobble)

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  1. I would like to buy Mossy Stone Brick (not Mossy Cobble).

    Any quantity, up to several stacks.

    I will pay well.

    In addition to paying rupees, I can also give you Emeralds, New Silk Touch Dia Picks, etc.

    Private Message me with details (quantity, price, and location).

    Thank you.
  2. Buying Mossy Stone Brick - Who wants my rupees/emeralds/enchanted picks?
  3. I don't think anyone sells them( might be wrong)
    Try /shop
  4. I have bought Mossy Stone Bricks in a store and from an individual, so I know they are available. I am just looking for someone who wants to sell them to me. Thanks.
  5. Try PThagaard' or AlexChance' shop
  6. The only "legit" way I know of is in 1.8.1(mining stone brick stars facing north)
  7. Stronghold has alot of mossy stone brick
  8. Well okay then, go find a stronghold.
  9. Yeah...one that is not so much destroyed that you nearly can't walk around...
  10. Try kells18 4 res it's 729:)
  11. I checked those places. Any other ideas? Malls? Thanks.
  12. Update: I set up a Sell chest at my res (8122 on smp4) to buy Mossy Stone Brick.
    So, I now Buy Mossy Stone Brick from you for a good price.
    I currently buy it for just 20% less than /shop, so that most likely makes my res the best place to sell it.
    In any case, I appreciate you selling to me.
    I will build with this, not re-sell.
  13. Anyone else want to sell to me? Thank you.
  14. I have like 4 stacks I could sell you two. I will set up a Chest at my lot.
  15. Thank you.
    Also, will any one else sell some to me? I set up a chest to buy it from you at 8122 on smp4, or I can meet you. Thanks.
  16. I am hoping to find people who will sell me Mossy Stone Brick to my chest at 8122 Jungle Shop, on the right. Thanks.
  17. I may have some mossy stone bricks. I can't look now, but I will look next time I'm on and see if I can get you any. (leftover shop stock)