[Buying] More Sugar Cane

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  1. I wish there was Someone who had a business like Meeper and he seems to not be available as much anymore so here I go with My request to Buy DC's of Sugar cane from those farmers out there who work daily on getting this. My Price as previously stated on my last frenzy, 400r per DC.
  2. 400r/DC? Sure :D
  3. I could deliver quite a sugarcanes, but 400r/dc? Is is only me thinking thats too cheap?
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  4. Since you're in the same server as I, let me know how many DC's you got and where to pick up :D

    If you're interested let me know how Many DC's and where to pick up :)
  5. So busy right now, next time I'm in game with you please let me know so we can discuss :)
  6. Awesome :)
  7. i'll give u a line of suger crane for 1000r
  8. well I haven't achieved my goal as wished and as Fast as I expected, so I'm rising the price on the DC's 1k per DC now and hoping this is faster.
    Sorry that I haven't been able to contact you Alex, I've been very busy in RL :/

    Lol you must have sold it by now, but if you still have it I'm interested :)
  9. I can sell a few. Just tell me and I'll collect em.
  10. You mean as in how many DC's? well for a certain number currently I'm looking for 25 DC's of sugar cane :)

    But this Number could increase.
  11. I'll get to work soon. Expect at least five.
  12. Visit smp4 9329 and buy some if not any there if ball1bag is in ask him to stock up lol
  13. There is a DC waiting for you at 7038 on smp3.
  14. July, I'll sell you multiple double chests. I've got a farm, I'll harvest as soon as possible.
  15. I may harvest more son july. probably later today ill harvest some.
  16. I'll get 20 DC's in about a day, maybe 2. :) I'll let you know when/where to pick-up.
  17. well now it have dc of sugar crane and i will sell it for 2000r if u want just let me get it ready for friday thx.
  18. I'll sell DCs at 864r per
  19. lol compertion