(Buying) Monumentus Toothpick!

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  1. Hey guys! I am looking for a Monumentus Toothpick, If you've got one for sale Pm me and we can try to work out a deal :). It is for display and PVP use. So full health isn't a must.
  2. Good luck finding one!

    I've been searching for a few months and no one seems to be selling. I think they're priced over 150k right now
  3. I know! It's crazy. I have killed probably 30 monumentus and best I got was a vault voucher!
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  4. I have one that I could sell..
  5. I think meerkatman1 had one for sale.
  6. I have one for sale! Find me on EMC Right now!!!
  7. I have one, but I'm very...what's the word...hesitant to sell it
  8. I've got two now.
  9. I had two but sold one a few weeks back :p speak to laurenseattle
  10. I've got one, but it'll be expensive xD
    PM me an offer?
  11. I had one then it was stolen. Good luck!
  12. Now I am looking for marlix bow. Anyone got a seller?