[buying] Mineral Mincers - 30k ea - /v 2015

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  1. Buying Mineral Mincers at 30k each! I need a lot of these for a Gold farm project I'm going to be working on, so if you want easy money come and sell me some. :)

    /v 2016
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  2. Bump increased my buying price. :)
  3. Bump, changed my buying price to 25k per.
  4. Bump only need a few more :)
  5. Bump, 30k per!
  6. If you can offer people 30k Per pickaxe you might want to just looking into buying a voters diamond pick. Since it won't break. May be hard to get it from someone but if sure if you offer enough R you can get it.
  7. i think he wants the mineral mincer because its a 100k promo
  8. Exactly i was thinking why woul you wanna waste a perfect promo when you can just grab an anvil and an unbreaking 3 pick or diamond voters
  9. Not for using purposes i think xD its a 100k promo, he is probably saving them for a rainy day.
  10. Honestly i would have sod mine to him but i got 18 full sets of 100k gear and it would be a complete waste to sell 18 pick's and ruin my sets. I'ts a nice way to earn back my investment and then some but i'd rather have my sets complete.
  11. I doubt he's gonna put them up on the wall :p
    Most likely for mining obby
  12. I actually have been using my mineral mincers :p I originally bought a SC of them and wanted to buy more so I can replace everyone I use in the SC with a brand new one.
  13. So thats where they all went! Lol! No wonder I couldnt find em today