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  1. So, My current skin is a random and derpy skin I pulled from the skindex...

    I need a new skin, I do not care what it is.

    +1 for Extra Credit if you design it about my IGN.

    I am looking to spend around 10,000r for the skin.
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  2. I know how to make skins via a mobile app, but i don't know how to send a file to somebody through the app.
  3. so your in-game name is amusedstew?
    ... Amused face... Stew t-shirt.... Mooshroom face....? Huh *.* i might do this LOL
  4. Oh, I forgot about this.
    Making one now =P
  5. Here you go!
    Made it myself just now from scratch ^^
    If you don't like it, tell me.
    and if you like it, tell me! xD

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  6. I like it, paying you 10,000r now. Enjoy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.