[Buying Materials / Selling Promo's]

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  1. [Buying List]
    1. 2 DC's of Cobblestone
    2. 1 DC of Stone
    3. 5 DC's of Stone Brick
    4. 5 DC's of Sand
    5. 5 DC's of Nether Brick

    If you can fill any of these orders or all of them send me a PM with your prices.

    [Selling List]
    2013 Items
    Labor Bench

    2014 Items
    Meteor Bow x2 (unused)
    Dancer (unused)
    I-Day Firework
    Empire Firework
    Labor Bench
    Headless Horseman Mask (unused)
    Birthday Cake

    2015 Items
    Cupid Bow x7 (unused)
    Cupid Arrow x5 Stacks
    Cupid Bundle
    Dasher (unused)
    Pot of Gold x4 (Used)
    Pi Pie x2
    Magical Eggcelent Wand
    I-Day Firework x2
    Labor Bench x2
    Headless Horseman Mask (unused)
    Avalauncher x5 (unused)
    Trick-or-Treat Bundle
    Headless Horseman Axe (Unused)

    Misc Items - Not 100% what year these were
    Lucky Bow (unused)
    ESCD (unused)
    Freedom Blade x2 (unused)

    I've been gone for a while so i'm not sure what the current prices are for all the promo's so send me a PM with the item(s) you want and what you would like to pay and if it seems fair we'll have a deal.
  2. Haerhitman was quick with a reply to the pm I sent regarding the items I wanted to buy. He was also quick to get on in-game to provide access to the purchased items. I'd definitely recommend others to this thread.
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  3. Sold some stuff & bought some stuff - service was quick and nice. Happy to see you (temporarily) back. :)
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  4. -Bump- Still quite a few promo's left and I still need more materials.
  5. How much you want for Magical Eggcelent Wand?
    What price per stack you buy the Nether Brick?
  6. Send this in a pm.
  7. -Bump- Updated List, I sold a few more items but there are still plenty left.
  8. -Bump- Possibly going to be adding a few things to both lists tomorrow.
  9. -Bump- Still quite a few promo's left, also going to add my 2016 promo's to the list which are all unused.