[Buying] Marlix Boots used/unused

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  1. Looking to buy

    1 Marlix Boots, either used or unused. Preferably unused, though, seeing how people are reluctant to sell unused ones, i'll be willing to nab a used one.

    On a side note, I'm also kinda looking for an unused Marlix Chestpiece (have a used one already).

    PM me offers.
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  2. Bump

    Paying raw rupees
  3. Bump.
    Still paying raw rupees.
  4. Bump
    Paying raw rupees for Marlix Boots, used or unused.
  5. Bump.
    Paying raw rupees, paying as much as I need to =P (well not really, 'cause then you'd all be trying to rip me off <.<)
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  6. Bump
    Paying raw rupees.
  7. Having trouble getting marlix boots? Maybe I can ask some people and get it for you...maybe...
  8. That'd be nice =P
  9. If i get you the Marlix Boots, will you pay the price that I paid for the boots themselves?Not a deal or anything, just an offer
  10. Only if you don't get ripped off. Otherwise, I'll advise you to ask for a refund.
    Also, if you do this, PM the price you paid for (using forum PM) to keep all transactions private.
  11. Sorry, didn't explain the post at all. That reverse auction was made by the guy who is made a deal with you to sell the boots he buys (now the auction is for a chestplate), so I figured that you could check the price there (if someone is crazy enough to sell at that price).
  12. Like a price checker? Okays =P

    Edit: oh yeah, him. I should probably explain to him... XD
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  13. set complete :3
    the chestpiece i have is used so my inbox will still be open to offers for an unused chestpiece but,

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