[Buying] Marlix Armor Set

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  1. Hallo.
    I'm buying the full set of Marlix's armor.
    I will not buy in pieces. EDIT: i guess i'll buy in pieces
    The reason is simple: discount for the whole set xD
    PM me offers.
    Expect haggling.
    If you don't want to haggle and expect high profit, don't PM me :)
  2. Bump--guess i'll have to buy in pieces.
    PM (forum PM) me offers!
    I will not discuss others' prices, only to say "sorry, you've been beaten by someone else" and so forth.
  3. I don't think many people have a full set, and if they do they probably don't want to sell it
  4. That's why i changed it to "buying pieces"

    Edit: this thread will close at 2pm tomorrow if no offers are given
  5. Last bump before 2pm EMC time.
    Then i'll just stop trying to buy it and go hunting for marlix instead =P
  6. Welp, my forum PM box is always
    Open to serious offers of selling
    But due to inactivity,
    This thread is
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.