[Buying] Lots of DCs of Building Materials

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  1. Alright. So I need tons of materials if I am ever going to finish my Utopia residence. I have saved every rupee all through winter until today. Now, I need to spend it on tons of building materials. Here is a list of things. If you have what I need, start a private conversation with me so we can discuss price and arrangements for pick up.

    8 DC of Stone Brick
    5 DC of Glass Panes
    4 DC of Circle Stone
    1 DC of Iron Bars
    2 DC of Fences
    4 DC of Quartz Blocks

    If I find that I need more of these items or other items I have not posted I will post below. Thank you for you time.

    Happy spending and good fortune,
  2. Bump. Still needing everything above.

    Also needing 1 DC of Gold Blocks