Buying lots o' obsidian

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  1. title

    I'll pay 40k for a DC (does that sound right? idk)

    please sell me some

    I need 14 DCs
  2. or donate some at 16097 on smp8! thanks! :D
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  3. I Can Get You The Whole 14DC's, But For ALOT More Than 40k...
  4. not sure if you noticed your probably did but its 40k per dc not for all 14 dcs. and 40k a dc is close to the price for obi from what ive been seeing :)
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  5. Oh xD Will start working on it now :)
  6. So to clarify, I will do every DC for 560k total-Should be done in at least 30hours :)
  7. Forgot to mention, please allow me at least 3 Days to complete your order, as I will have to get resources to make the Obsidian as well as mining it

  8. I currently don't have 560k - I'm going to only want to buy one DC now. Thanks!
  9. Cannot Complete This Order As All Week I Have Had Exams And Am Full Booked-Sorry For Any Inconvenience :(
  10. It's okay; If you'd like to, you can sell some to me at 16097. I have had some people sell obsidian to me (18 stacks) and I think someone else is going to sell me a DC. I'm also back up to about 800k instead of 384k.