[Buying] Looting III Sword

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  1. I don't really know what they are worth but I need one so, just post here with the price and I'll buy whomever's offer is reasonable.
    Edit: I'm also buying a double chest of coal.
  2. Lucky you got a sig from chyper....
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  3. Cypher*
    And I love it.

    Do you have a looting III sword? haha.
  4. I can sell you a diamond sword with Sharpness IV & Looting III for 6,000 Rupees.
    Also a doublechest full of charcoal, 100 Rupees per stack.
  5. 6k? Thats a little more than I'd want to pay. :(
    And 100 per stack of charcoal is also a bit high. Why do you have so much charcoal anyways? haha
  6. Looting III is the "fortune III" or "silk touch" of a sword, the sharpness IV is just an add on, some could say its the unbreaking of a sword as it kills the mob faster, thus saving durability. I really can't lower this price.

    As for the charcoal, sometimes I get bored and enchant axes... efficiency IV axes really help in getting wood... which I then waste by burning them. I take 1 coal/charcoal to be 2 rupees.
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  7. Are you sure you can't sell the sword for 5k?
    As for axes, I do the same, With jungle trees haha. I've just used it for fences and stuff, never charcoal. Thanks for the idea! :)
  8. I have a Looting III Sharpness IV diamond sword in my shop at 14010 on SMP7 in the black room. It's 5k. :)

    Edit: Sorry, someone got to it before you!
  9. I can sell you a Sharpness IV Looting III diamond sword for 5k It is unused.
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  10. Got a Looting III, Sharpness IV, Fire Aspect II, Knockback for 20k :p
  11. If you can do 4k, you got yourself a deal!

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  12. Still looking for any and all looting III swords. or looting III sharpness IV.
  13. I'll enchant some more swords for you ;)
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  14. I wont be on for the next 5 days, my comp super heated and had a memory failure, its being fixed, and when I get it back I will buy them :D
  15. Naww :( Ahah sounds good, I'll try my best.
  16. I have 1 "Looting III" that I made today; I've put it in my shop - smp9 19000.

    I put a price of 5k - because a) I wasn't quite sure what it was worth, b) I'd quite like it for myself for slimes, and c) people can always make offers.
  17. lawl. Read my above post Herb. Comp is broken ):
    I will buy is for 3.5k as it is just Looting III, but you will have to wait and hold it for me for about 5 days
  18. Someone has already bought it from my shop, for 4999. Sorry.
  19. I have another Sharpness IV Looting III I can sell you.