[Buying]? Looking for bulk vendors that can fill orders quickly.

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  1. I'm looking for vendors that can fulfill orders very quickly, preferably within 72hrs. Having it delivered is a plus but not necessary. Some items I'm looking into getting a supply chain for:

    • Glass (colored/noncolored)
    • Clay (ditto)
    • All wood types - planks & logs
    • Quartz
    • Stone, Granite, Andesite, etc.
    • Wool

    EDIT: To clear things up a bit, I am just looking to create a list of people I can contact for supplies.
  2. Try my Malls smp3 /v 7313 - smp6 /v 13131 - smp7 /v 15151

    I have plenty of logs / planks in stock but not all types
    I have plenty of Clay block but limited stock on brick clay and glass
  3. How much are you looking at buying the quartz in for? I'd be able to set you up with a decent supply.
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  4. What price are you looking to get? How much is a "decent supply"?
  5. I can get most of the supplies fairly quickly, just PM me which ones you need/ quantity, and I'll get it to you.
  6. Tell me what you're looking at buying it for, you're the one with the margins to compete with. Tell me how much you're needing, I cant tell you what "a decent supply" is until you actually tell me how much you need.
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  7. Sorry if I wasn't being clear... I'm just trying to cobble together a list of vendors I can buy stuff from on short notice. How about we say a DC?
  8. Which ones in particular?
  9. I've got 8 DC of glass if you'd like one or two