[BUYING] Looking for a shop or mall that buys!

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  1. Hey guys! Good morning! Hope everyone is doing well! I'm looking for a shop or mall that has most items and BUYS the more important items such as diamond, iron, emerald and so on. Unfortunately im going to have to let my supporter rank go for a couple of months till i get bills back on track. So from now until that time im going to need a source of income. My shop is currently under construction, so as of now, that doesn't do me much good. But i do look to be one best shops with some of the most OP prices on the empire. But the only way i can do that is to make back all the money im about to pour out into this amazing shop/mall. Not that you guys needed to know all that but i felt like maybe i should throw it in just in case anyone was curious as to why im looking for a shop that buys. So if you have lots on money and can handle me making frequent stops and selling LOTS of stuff then list your SMP and your res# in a reply! Looking forward to doing business with some of you guys! Doesnt have to be a specific SMP i can come to any of the 9!

    NOTE: Please to don't reply if you have only a few chests in a 10x10 room. Looks for well organized shop with tons of options when it comes to sell the shop items.

    Thanks you guys for your time and have a great day! :D
  2. Galeria Lafayette /v 1112 @ SMP1 is always ready for another customer :)
  3. Thanks! Id be glad to be the newest one! ;)
  4. I buy diamonds, wood, cobble, and stone at /v 15061. I also buy emeralds and redstone at /v 12060
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  5. Which SMP?
  6. 15061 is on smp7 and 12060 is on smp6
  7. Smp 1 /v 2000
  8. you can sell a lot of things at 19190 on smp9
  9. I buy everything that I can't get for free myself (free wool, etc).
    But I definitely buy all the minerals and such.

    14531 mall on SMP7
  10. Smp1: 2000, 1728
    Smp2: 3655, 3456, 3959, 4005
    Smp3: 7500
    Smp4: 9000, 9500
    smp5: 10117, 10034
    smp9: 19000

    Also do /v +mall or /v +shop to find other shops that are not listed on the thread.
  11. Have you referenced the EMC Shops and Attractions thread by NZScruffy? It lists pretty much every Mall, Shop and business on EMC. :)

    EDIT: Also, you can sell for amazing prices at 7500 Mall
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  12. My Meerkat Mall buys and sells on smp8 /v +mm but not open yet
  13. Smp 6 /v dojodo
  14. I need a a major restock on redstone at /v 17000
  15. hi my mall is on smp6 /v 13131 buy and sell I also have a few shops at /v 7313 smp3 and 15151 smp7
  16. 6697 on smp3 is also a good mall to buy and sell.