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  1. Hey Empire Artists,

    I am in need of a logo. It is not minecraft related at all, but i will pay for it (Rupees of course) if it i good enough.

    Basically, i need a ball of fire like this:

    But without the tail at the top right, and with a Black Eye in a target reticle in the center.

    Target reticle \/

    I would also love for it to have a clear background (E.G https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3a/Gluecksklee_(transparent_background)2.png)

    Thanks so much,

  2. I will see what I can do. Can you be more descriptive of what you mean by black eye? :)
  3. Sorry :D I mean an eye but with a black iris
  4. Oh, so an eye with a black iris and pupil? That would be easy to do for me and my dad. He is a graphic designer. So how much are you offering for this picture? Are you waiting to see what I come up with first before giving a price? I wont charge much since what you want is pretty simple. :)
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  5. You seem cool so 10k :D