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  1. Buying currently/Taking bid offers on:

    1 SC Glowstone
    1 DC Redstone dust
    1 DC Coal
    1 DC Charcoal
    1 DC of each wood type Log
    1 DC Obsidan

    Please make all offers in this thread. I will be at work but able to respond from my phone.

    Any REALLY good offers will earn a special place in something I am working on ;p
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  2. I can sell a DC of redstone dust and a DC of obsidian, 2r per redstone dust and 11r per obsidian?
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  3. I have the Coal and Glowstone. Would 2r per piece for the Coal and 20r per piece for the Glowstone be ok?
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  4. SC glowstone at 16r per block?
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  5. sold glowstone ty
  6. pab, i will buy ur coal
  7. I will give you a DC of Jungle Logs, Free.
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  8. :) ty! but i will pay you if needed. I am off to work now, but i set up a chest at 3456 on smp2. let me know price and will get it sent.

  9. I put it in an Access Chest just inside the door to my house. If you need it delivered let me know.
  10. Ok i will pick up after work tonight ty
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  11. updated needs list
  12. I have more Coal if you need it. I have almost a DC of Charcoal too I'd sell if you are willing to buy a partial Chest of it.
  13. how much for charcoal
  14. I think it's worth the same as the Coal so 2r per piece.
  15. okay, how much u have
  16. updated again