[BUYING] Light grey wool - all you have!

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  1. Hey guys,

    It's that time again - I'm opening another brand new mall, this time it's bigger, better and ready to be stocked completely! The single player build is done! However, to complete this I need *more* light grey wool/dyes.

    So if anyone has some they would like to sell, feel free to sell to chests at 4005 (lime floor) or PM me their res number and I can buy your bulk!

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  2. Can we see the single player world??
  3. Nah, don't want the design stolen before I finish building it on EMC lol

    But you will see it soon :)
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  4. Nice Alex :)
    You can buy me out at 1111 ;)
  5. i have 3/4 of a chest full for sale at 10498 smp5
  6. Not any more, faithcaster is buying me out!
  7. Bit jerky or is that just me? Lol
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  8. Lol i bought around 20 stacks light gray and some red wool
    Needed for my next project at the residence infront of 1111 ;)
  9. Right.
    Thanks anyways :)
  10. Alex are you knocking down 4005?
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  11. To build something bigger and better :)
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  12. How much wool have you collected so far??? :D
  13. Just the stuff at 4005
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  14. Which is...???
  15. Ill buy 4005 from you and give ya one of my residences to build the mall on? :p
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  16. Oooh this could be exciting but i think Alex wants to be on SMP2
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  17. Hehe i'd like to see how this turns out!! Hehe :D
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