[ BUYING ] Large Amounts of Emeralds for Top Price

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  1. I need as much as you can sell me, trying to make one of the best enchantment shops here :p (hopefully)
  2. Price each emeralds?
  3. Would you be willing to pay top dollar for them? If so, I can go bulk for 38r apeice :)
  4. Set the price my friend :D

    How many u got? :cool:
  5. Set up a sell shop at 11195, smp5. Has a good amount of emeralds in it. Its a weird number, so i made it a one sell deal:p
  6. cool :) heading over now
    Still need more though :p
  7. How many u got? :cool:[/quote]
    How many you need?
  8. LOL my bad :p
    How many you need?[/quote]
  9. As much as u'll sell
  10. I just love your signature death lol.
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  11. I got 15 Double chests of Emerald BLOCKS.
    I'll sell for 50r each emerald(9x45 for the block)

    I'll only sell together :)

    I'll add a discount. The total will be only like 20M rupees.

    To be serious.

    Isn't it going to be a bit tedious since the trading got nerfed?
    I think you'll go better by buying some x10 xp grinder.
  12. How? :rolleyes:
  13. 50r per emerald is too high for me anyway :/
  14. [/quote]
    As much as you will sell :)
    And sorry i was AFK on smp3
  15. As much as you will sell :)
    And sorry i was AFK on smp3[/quote]
    Dude, just press the "Reply" button in the bottom right of the comment you want to reply to.

    Edit: I see the thing is busted...
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  16. Set up a chest with 84 more, same price /each :)
  17. Ok, I'm selling 2 stacks for 4864 (38r each) at 12425 on smp6 :D
  18. I could sell about 5 blocks. That's about it though. I'll sell 40r each emerald, shop will be on SMP3 at 7028.
  19. Why haven't you bought yet? It's cheaper than anyone except jk, and it's only 0.2r more per emerald