[Buying] +Katy Shop is Buying Blocks

Discussion in 'Buying' started by KatydidBuild, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. As a Boost to the Economy, +katy is buying blocks. Any player is welcomed!

    There are 2 shops:
    /v 14207 on smp7 https://empireminecraft.com/threads...all-shop-items-same-price-for-buy-sell.80072/
    /v 17971 on smp8 https://empireminecraft.com/threads/shop-the-elemental-shop-on-smp8-17971.81394/

    Currently Buying:
    zombie virus,
    glass bottles,
    glowstone dust,
    slime balls,
    mob heads,
    clay blocks,
    coal & coal blocks,
    redstone dust,
    all wool colors,
    raw chicken and raw rabbit meat,
    rabbit skin,
    most of the nether blocks,
    wood logs,
    prismarine shards & crystals.
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  2. [reserved]
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  3. bump -- still buying !
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  4. Bump -- still buying!
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  5. Bump -- still buying!
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  6. Still buying!
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  7. still buying?
  8. of course :)
    preview is turned on if you want to see into chests to have a look at the stock levels
    But turn it off before using the buy/sell signs. Otherwise it acts like it won't work.