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  1. I need someone to make me an item sorter storage system on a full size residence for a good reasonable price.
    Item Sorter Storage System Information:
    - You supply all the materials
    - Needs to have all the items (except unimportant ones like dirt, eggs, heads, books, ect.)*
    - Needs item frames of all item frames of every item*
    - Needs to have 5 chest of storage per item
    - Needs to be COMPACT
    - Needs to have NO GLITCHES
    *I will supply the beacons for the frame and the chest

    If interested, give us some information:
    In game name:
    Have you built one before:
    Do you have enough money for build:
    (We can give you money up front if needed)
    How long will it take you:
    Are you committed:

    Message crabcakes200m or GMW_I for further questions or post them on the forum.
  2. bump, can anyone help me xD
  3. these are very hard to make

    I suggest you look it up on youtube because people will charge you a lot
  4. i have a lot of money I am willing to spend I just need someone :/
  5. What kinda price I have built this before
  6. I dont really know how much they would cost, if you could give me an estimate on the things I need on the item sorter that would be great and also it would be good if you could fill out the information questions, thanks
  7. Talk to equablehook624. He built mine at 3940. If you want to see it, the teleport sign is on top of the crafting table. He supplied everything except the items needed to sort.
  8. Ark!!! I'm trying to make money here xD
  9. cool
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  10. I made it before but I was too poor to do it fully
  11. interesting.
  12. well luka name a price on the machine and ill ask equatable and ill see which one is cheaper, or i might build it my self
  13. by the way, the sorter i have has 302 spaces for separate items. Mine only sorts 301 because i accidentally put in lapis lazuli twice :p
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  14. I'm just wondering why you have listed for the person making it to need money - it would be easier if you just supplied them with the hoppers, chests, trapped chests, redstone, comparators, torches, and repeaters :3

    If I had to guess on the amount it would be (this is going off of just the 153 blocks - not including the items):

    Maybe little under 22 stacks of hoppers
    2 1/2 stacks of comparators, repeaters, torches
    5 stacks of redstone dust
    6 stacks of chests and trapped chests

    However* just throwing this out here... you do realize 'every' item can't be sorted right? Minecarts, beds, potions, etc... don't stack so they can't go into the hoppers like the other items
  15. i think he means every stackable item.
  16. also, i had a problem with shiny flesh and shiny arrows. It might work fine for you, but just so you know.
  17. yeah I know every item cant be done, I had one made from equatable before and it was fine but my friends res went derelict so now I want to get another one xD, just trying to see what my options are this time :)
  18. I can do it depending on the size:

    I'm building one for myself
    Yes I do. My quote is anywhere from 15k to 50k depending on the size and location. I will need half the total up front.
    It should take me anywhere from 2 days to a week if it's huge
    I am committed as long as you are an "easy to work with" customer.

    Some screenshots would be very helpful!
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  19. I got the money i got the time I'm your guy just ask me and i will build another one :D
    The price will be high since i will have to supply EVERYTHING basically so my investment i hope should be not to much but it will take some time to make a design as well i got a better design then the last one so it will be new and improved
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  20. hes your man ^
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