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  1. Im just sad i cant play when i want and would like to bypass the "full" .

    Toss me a amount you desire , keep it in the 30K ish area is ideal.
  2. Someone sell kerstab a iron voucher!! :p
  3. Will tell you that the price is around the 140k+
  4. 30k is too low in the current market really, though if you have a change of heart, I may be willing to sell one to you at around 130k.
  5. a iron voucher is 5 bucks.... and 10 bucks of rupees is 68k....
    market or not..... thats like comparing prices to empire store.
    130k is more than a diamond voucher via price, and i know people buy rupees... its fact.
    im offering a little more than what youd get for 5 bucks.

    its on the website, its not market..... its in plain black and white the value of vouchers.
  6. Although that may be true, the current value in the market is roughly (from what I've seen):
    Iron - 130k
    Gold - 250k
    Diamond - 450k
    Forgive me if the gold and diamond prices are incorrect, but I do know that the cheapest you'll be able to buy any voucher for is around 130k.
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  7. You say this, but I will not sell my Voucher lower than everyone else just because of it. If the market value goes down, my price will go down, it's as simple as that. If people are making 100-150k off of Iron Vouchers then I want similar for it. If you don't want to buy it then you don't have to, but it's there if you're willing to pay what most people pay for them in-game. :)

    Also, if you want to know what the Vouchers are roughly going for, refer to the post above. If it's what they're going for, it's what I'll want for my Voucher.
  8. Also mentioned this in-game, figured I'd share here too.

    You're right of course... If I spend $10 on rupee's I get 68,250r. If I spend $10 on a gold voucher and then sell it I can bag a whole lot more (see earlier list: approx. 250k).

    2 things spring to mind. First what I mentioned in game: there is a different between in-game and out-game. Not everyone has the option to buy stuff on the website ("out-game") so it shouldn't be too surprising that there may be a little difference between them.

    But another thing I just thought off: recently the prices for the Empire shop went up to match the inflation in the game. So perhaps the same should be done for the dollar <-> rupee ratio. But that's just a wild guess on my part.
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