[Buying] Iron Ore

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  1. Calling you lovely miners out there. Feel like your efforts at mining are all in vain? Well I have decided to open up a little shop on 8002 - smp4. Where you may sell Iron Ore to for 6r each.

    It must stay in ore form, so I know that you mined it up instead of got it from an Iron golem farm. Currently have a DC sitting there - depending on response, I may add more room or even raise my buying price. We will just have to wait and see!!!

    Edit: Oh, also I buy Iron Blocks for a reasonable price ;)
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  2. First, on a staff thread :D

    Wait you want my beautiful ironicness!!! *sobs... here take it*
  3. lol. I remember before I became a mod... I seemed to always ninja in a first post on every single front page thread IcC would post. It was almost creepy come to think about it.
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  4. Here is the post.

  5. drilling-F5.gif
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  6. Oh also (forgot this part). For you afkers out there. Feel free to sell Iron Blocks to me as well. Will edit in now. Currently only buying.
  7. Wow man, thanks. That got me through a very interesting ride:p Via that thread I have got to know much, much more about EMC history of things before I joined:p