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  1. So I recently finished the exterior of my build on smp6. Now that I've done that, I would like someone to do the interior for me. I will work out a price with you and gather materials for you, if they're within reason (ex: I can't get a dc of diamond blocks). Message me on here or on skype, Phelpsy44. Include screenshots of your builds and swing by the res to see what you're dealing with!
    Thanks guys :D
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  2. I can help you... I have made /V 1145 as the build I do Like best, you can just check That... I'll post more tomorrow. it's time to stop with tableting (in duch: tabblaten?) so I can't tell you more/send images of other builds I build. (do Like to be sleep earley)

    edit: I just found the Minecraft world where I have made my favourite home in, is deleted. :( (so I can't show you other builds)
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  3. I don't have much to show as far as interior design goes. Most of my builds so far have been landscapes. But check out 2112 if you would like. Since I'm building my, "building portfolio " I can do it pretty cheap ^_^
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  4. Bumpedy bump. I would love a few more options to choose from, right now I have 4 :)
  5. I can help when I get back from my vacation in a few weeks.
  6. Come on guys, there has to be more than 5 people interested :p Also bump
  7. I'm interested! I'm working with a stubborn old computer that doesn't want to take screen shots, but my plot is 13289, so you can look around there. I'll see if I can use my iPad to get pictures of some builds I've done else where.
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  8. Im interested in helping. If you want to see some of my Building, go to my res on smp2
  9. i would be happy to do it for u