[BUYING] Infinite Villager

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  1. Looking to purchase services for someone to create two paper->emerald villagers.

    Let me know a price and about how long it takes? Thanks!
  2. How long it takes is completely random. I tried for 4 days straight, then hired someone who got it in less than an hour. :)

    Good luck finding someone!
  3. I know how to work with Infinite Villagers if that's what your asking:p
  4. Bloodra1n might be able to help you. I think his price is 25k per villager (might get discount for 2 of them)
    Just shout him a pm.
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  5. It will take me about 15 minutes for each, depending on how much they cooperate. I charge based on materials needed, which can vary, but I ushually average around 15k rupees.

    I am ushually completely non-profit when making infinite villagers, so I will not make very much, I give you the bare bone price. Anyways, if you would like, I can do it sometime this weekend, excluding this weekend.
  6. Got them now, thanks :-D
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  7. I need villagers too! Can anyone make them?
  8. Yeah. How does tomorrow afternoon sometime sound?
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  9. Bloodra1n can for 25k
  10. And I can do it for free.
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  11. ok then I need 2 done when u have some time ;) :cool:
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  12. Maybe bloodra1n can make one for you.
  13. can you please make me 2 or 3 infinite paper to emerald villagers willing to pay 5k each